Jusst Sooup!

Who or What is Jusst Sooup?

 I just came from visiting Jusst Sooup ministries and found Dale doing what she was called by God to do. Soup was in session and Dale was busy. Dale began Jusst Sooup 16 years ago after finding that she had a ministry in providing soup to others. Oh what a ministry it is. You can feel the love Dale exudes when listening to her talking about feeding her sheep. She is dedicated to this ministry and she gives it her all, sometimes even giving up personal comforts to help others. More than once Dale has put herself in financial trouble to help others. She knows what it feels like to not have. Many feel that since Extreme Home Makeover built her the ranch that she is sitting in the lap of luxury. Well that’s just not true. Yes she has the ranch and a trust to maintain that ranch, but; she depends on donations of food, goods, and clothing to provide for her ministry. Ken has recently retired but he still runs a landscaping business and drives Limo’s while being there for Dale to help her with the soup kitchen. Dale runs four soup kitchens each week. Tuesday at Brandywine, Thursday at the ranch, Friday at Home of the Brave, and Saturday again at the ranch. Saturday she also has church service at the ranch. Wednesdays she uses as a prep day. Things are a little easier now that she can serve from the ranch. She started soup kitchens all over the state. Now many of those kitchens are operated by others who continue to reach out to those in need. She used to go to bed after 5PM, get up after 11 pm so that she was ready at 1:15 am to open the kitchen on highway one. One cold day she had 40 persons waiting on her when she arrived. The need was great and she had to dig deep to find blankets and things necessary to minister to those needs. The ranch is beautiful. Dale makes the place special. Decorations are everywhere. The tables are sprinkled with fruit, snacks, flowers, candles, and real utensils. It could pass for a fine dining establishment. The Sooupers are served in real bowls and plates not paper dishes. This means more work for Dale. She has to keep the place scrubbed down and dishes washed, not only to meet the health inspectors requirements but also to meet her own requirements that it be a welcoming, safe place for her guests. On a typical day Dale serves 200 to 250 bowls of soup. Sandwiches, fruit, trail mix, and snacks. Sometimes as many as 75 additional servings are in takeout containers. Today she has chicken rice, noodle, and mushroom soups with a wide assortment of sandwiches. Dale is always working to move the people she works with toward physical and spiritual healing. The snacks help those with addictions not turn back to the bottle or drugs. Eventually they move to the healthier things like fruit and trail mix. She even provides a range of drinks moving from sweet to flavored water to help them learn to make healthy choices. Not all clients are homeless or destitute. Some of them are lonely or simply cannot prepare their own meals. Dale will feed anyone. As time passes she develops a relationship with them and gains their trust. Unfortunately Dale has learned how cults gain some followers. As she meets the needs of many of these she finds that she could lead them anywhere. Thankfully Dale leads them toward a relationship with God and moves them toward a productive life. So what does Dale need? Food, lots of food. Dried beans, rice, noodles, vegetables, meats, fruits, drinks like Hawaiian punch, tea, coffee, and other staples. She needs paper products, towels, napkins, toilet paper, personal care items, clothing, shoes, blankets, coats, and gift certificates to help these people get a new start. Dale still sees a need for a shelter for people. Since they were not allowed to build a shelter on the ranch she would still like to see this in the future. Another dream she has is to someday obtain a DART like bus. Dale and Ken often provide transportation for various needs but sometimes their van will not handle the capacity or the handicap of the clients. Can we help? Yes anything we do is appreciated. Dale is true to her ministry and is not afraid to reach deep into her own pocket to help others. BTW - the Edwards Family started this not because Dale asked but because we wanted to give back to the community. She did not ask us. I hope we all can help her. God is moving in a little ranch at the railroad tracks along the road to Harbeson, Delaware. Please see pictures to follow.


Pictures from Jusst Sooup

Dale at Work


Dale is always busy with the soup. But she makes time to minister to her "soupers"

Sandwich anyone


She keeps a stock of sandwiches ready.  Everyone gets a choice of what kind of sandwich they want.

It's a ministry


She has bible studies and complete services.

Holidays are special


She decorates for each holiday!  While the kitchen is always heavily decorated, she adds the special touches for the holidays.

Lots of soup


Yes you have a choice of what kind of soup you get.  Each day she is open she features several hot soups.

She needs...


Can goods that are inside the date printed on can or box!  Clothing, paper goods, toiletries,