Past and Present Changes

When it was still in the shed


We had problems pushing wheelchairs over the grass.   So, son Robert,  and I built a sidewalk.  Little did I know that I would only use it one year!

Moving into the main barn.


So once again it grew out of the shed and we needed a new home.  Son, Robert and I enclosed the lean to behind the barn, cut a doorway thru and the new village home was here.

We outgrew that also.


Robert told me I would be moving into my tool room.  But I swore I would not give up that space.  I was wrong.

Last year....


We built a piece of Rehoboth.  Dollys, Thrashers, and Kohr Bros. even the boardwalk and beach with wave and the smell of popcorn or french fries.

Also last year


We started a hay sleigh ride.  Due to parking issues at our house we begin using the lot at the end of our road.  With tractors, we gave everyone a hay ride to the village.  It was magic!

Coming this year!


It's a surprise.  We just can't stop.  This year we are focusing on the reason for the season.  Four new displays are being added.  Three of them will be special.  Come and see for yourself.